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Learning and growing together

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About our school

Welcome to Lugarno Public School

Join the Lugarno family. We enjoy strong partnerships in learning and our school prides itself on the warm, positive relationships it develops between students, staff, parents and the wider community.

Lugarno Public School is situated within a small peninsula community on the banks of the Georges River. The school has an expansive play area, beautifully maintained grounds and well-resourced classrooms.

Through its diverse curriculum, Lugarno Public School contributes significantly to the development of skills in areas we, as a community, regard as crucial to the development of responsible citizens and lifelong learners. These areas include the creative and performing arts, sporting programs, student leadership, positive social interaction and technology. Lugarno Public School’s technology programs are supported by a well-resourced school, wireless capability and the implementation of future focused pedagogy.

Lugarno Public School offers an inclusive environment where everyone is valued and each individual is encouraged to reach their academic, social, emotional and creative potential through the provision of quality teaching and learning programs.

We learn and grow together. Our staff are lifelong learners who engage in ongoing professional learning, reflective practice and collaborative planning with colleagues to ensure continuous improvement in the academic, social, emotional, physical and creative outcomes for students.

Lugarno Public School aims to provide for its students, a secure, effective and relevant learning environment

Three girls reading a book

Programs and policies are developed, implemented and continuously evaluated to meet the needs of every student.

The school’s purpose is to ensure that each student’s overall performance and successful transition through primary school is based on a well developed foundation of skills, goals and positive attitudes to learning for life. The school has a solid academic, performing arts and sporting tradition, with emphasis on literacy and numeracy, information technology and student welfare.

Care, courtesy, consideration and communication are the basis of the school rules. The school values responsibility and focuses strongly on the right of each student to be safe and happy in a caring and stimulating environment.

Our students showcase their performing arts talents through the school’s dance groups and band. Our sporting program includes inter-school sports competitions, swimming, athletics, cross country and gymnastics programs. We actively celebrate student participation and acknowledge each students’ achievement.

The use of technology is integrated into our lessons and also our homework, helping us to articulate our vision of creating future focused learners.

We support new students at our school

A boy and two girls playing in the yard

Importantly, transition programs support the entry of new students to the school.

The Kingergarten – Year 5 buddy program is much loved by our students and ensures a smooth, happy and successful transition into our school. Experienced teachers and a safe environment support this transition.

Dynamic Faculties

At Lugarno Public School we provide our students with modern facilities which include: interactive whiteboards, multi-purpose sports courts, library, connected classrooms, computer laboratories and extensive grounds.

Parent Involvement

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Our parents are very involved in the school.

We have an active P&C who make a wonderful contribution to the school. Our parent volunteer program further develops positive and productive home/school partnerships.

Parents are always welcome and are actively encouraged to be involved in class and school activities.

At Lugarno Public School we are proud of our achievements and we look forward to the challenges of the future with enthusiasm and confidence.

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